About Me

Hi, I'm Hilo, a designer with 10+ years of experience who loves to learn new things while cherishing traditional things. Utilizing a strategic perspective and human-centred design, I design digital products that would be valuable and helpful for people, communities and businesses. I love to collaborate cross-functionally, look into quantitative and qualitative facts, and iterate with patience and optimism to create better outcomes.

Currently, I'm an interaction designer at Google. Formerly, I led the design of Novasell Analytics, a Japanese TV Ad analytical tool, to help various companies to increase their brand recognition efficiently at a startup called Raksul. Before that, I was a freelance digital designer working on projects from brand identities and websites for small to mid-sized companies to mobile apps for large telecom companies and electric manufacturers. My design background is in Architecture and Interior Design at Musashino Art University in my early 20s.

I'm based in Tokyo, Japan, and spent most of my life in the city. But I also found my root in Vancouver, Canada, where I spent my childhood and start to embrace diversity.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, reading Manga, doing Yoga and meditation, but most importantly, hot spring - 温泉 Onsen - is my energy source.